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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Agreed, I don't have the same grasp of some of the technical stuff that some of you might have, I only know how to drive extremely quickly.

T-Bone, can I ask, how much experience do you have with Dual Clutch Transmissions? Somehow I don't think you have quite grasped what makes them so different to your disastrous SMG. If BMW have designed in the jerk/surge and it doesn't effect the acceleration then all is well, but if you only gain the maximum attack with it then a lot of people will be turned off, myself included.
Yes Footie, you are a legend in your own mind

BMW could have easily designed smoothness into it since it is throttle-by-wire, but they chose to let nature happen. They will leave the girly shifting to DSG and women who put on their lipstick in the mirror.

The snap / chirp is a desirable really need to experience it before you can render an opinion here.

If you do insist on putting on your makeup Footie, lift when you upshift and the tranny computer will give you a DSG type of upshift. WOT makes the tranny shift quickly as possible for the snap / chirp...

You will like it.
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