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Got a bit of flak from my comments which was to be expected.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear with my comment 'F--king it up BIG TIME', this comment was based on the belief that you only got the fastest acceleration when in the S6 mode which really would defeat the purpose of using a dual clutch transmission. If this isn't the case and all of the differing modes offer equally as quick of acceleration than I stand corrected.

If this is not the case and only S6 with it's jerk/surge gives the desired results then I stand by my opinion. The SMG was one of the worst gearboxes I ever tested and the thought of BMW choosing to offer something similar just makes me so disappointed.

Remember unlike most of you here I have a lot more experience of this type of transmission than most.

T-Bone, your opinions that the jerk is a natural thing is total and utter BS, I know someone who has sampled the Veyron and his comments and disbelief was how something with so much power and acceleration could be so totally smooth between gears.

I will hold judgement on the transmission until I get to sample it but I hope before that happens that some magazine does the kind of review which tests the acceleration between the different modes to see if the jerk/surge is only added to give the impression of speed.

In my opinion the jury is still out.