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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I am less impressed by this review, especially the jerk during upshifts. The whole reason of dual clutch is to be seamless in the changes, not noticeable and jerky like they were with SMG. Unless my understand of what the guy that wrote this is different I doubt I will like this that much.

I would also like to see performance figures for each of the different modes (Auto and Manual) to see if they effect the acceleration. If so then in my opinion BMW have f--ked things up BIG TIME.
I read the reviews and, although the English was bad, I took it to be more of a surge, not a jerk. Also that it was only there in the more agressive shift modes (S4 to S6). It did say that D1 and D2 were very smooth.

"D1 and D2 are like the Audi ad claim, shifting almost imperceptible "

So you can have it agressive or you can have it smooth at the flick of a switch. Where did you get that it was a jerking movement?

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