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How to negotiate for an M3 with 600 miles on it?

Dealer has their (DO NOT SELL DEMO) all of a sudden ready to sell "to me"...ssshhhh. don't tell anyone.

Giving me payoff on my 08 535 (not that pleased about that) and 2k off of msrp. Thing is, it has ClearBra (which I wouldn't have selected) and it has 600+ miles on it. May stick my car on craigslist just to see how many bites i get but I am still hung up on how much different the car may be from my 535i.

I am about to take a job that will require a couple of 2-3hr road trips each week. I'm 6'3" and 225lbs. Thing I noticed about the coupe was that the CF roof actually added some headroom...