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Alleging you made a 'mistake' in an eBay listing that was edited on three subsequent occasions is very suspicious, almost Machiavellian, very underhanded. I don't like people that lie.

Then claiming you "don't legally have to do this. I'm getting a lot of publicity on it" is not only insulting to the purchaser but to the rest of the automotive dealer community.

I now appears a number of 'conditions' are expected and implicit by the dealer in order to turn over the car??? This is the final slap in the face. Dangle the carrot, why don't you, these are games that stopped in kindergarten for most people.

Way to man up Husker Auto Group.

The only way they can save face now it to let the man pick an M3 of choice for free even? at a dealership of his choice. Ideally outside of the Husker Automotive group in an effort to remain Totally impartial.