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Originally Posted by dooma350 View Post

SO I went out and contacted Channel 8, Ebay, BBB and m3post to let everyone know things were moving in a positive direction. But in subsequent conversations...


Hi Ken

I understand that the dealer wants to "fix" their image in this situation by imposing conditions, it is understandable as they publicly admitted that they messed up. What it is not understandable for me is that you could agree to help fixing their image before finalizing and having the car in your hands.

Personally, we could talk, converse, set conditions, exchange forced smirks all they want to but for me to do anything for them I have to have the car in my hands first.

The only thing that is more than obvious here is that this dealer is something more serious than being stupid. They set up a game of "gotcha" on eBay that just backfired and now they want you to fix it. They publicly declared that the Internet movement in your favor did not force them to change their mind, however they want you to diffuse that same Internet movement in their favor as a condition for you to get the car.

If you don't get this car by the second day of "conversations" is because the purpose of all this is to seize the timing and the momentum away from you, IMO. To create tension to see if you get desperate, say something or do something that can be construed as breaking an agreement, whatever imposed. I see this as to force a break up of the negotiations for then take this to the real legal arena with proof of your mistakes.

If by now you still don't have the car then there are no negotiations going on... this is just a magic trick.

Good luck...