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Originally Posted by stickypaws View Post
It's really great to hear that Ken may get his M3. I started following this a few days ago when it first started.

But when I look at the dealer's photos I see the engine compartment has a lot of sloppy stuff going on. When I bought my 330i new in 2002 the engine was super clean/brand new.

With Husker's pics I see what looks like some sort of fluid spills (circled in red) And there is some white stuff on the paint (maybe salt from the road?) inside the hood.

You would think that a showroom floor vehicle would be spotless. Am I imaging this? Am I crazy? Yes, I realize there's the factory warranty but why isn't it spotless?
From what I can see in the pictures you posted no, you're not imagining the fluid spills, and no, you're not crazy. Those clearly appear to be spills.Does that mean that they are definitely, unquestionably, spills-or for that matter, spills of important fluids? No. Somebody could've detailed under the hood (why, I don't know, but since it was on the showroom floor and being an M car people would be more likely to pop the hood, it's possible), and they may just not know how to use a bottle of Armor All or something, and the excess is just showing up because of the lighting and angle of the pictures. Without looking at it in person it's hard to say. EDIT: The more I look at it, the more I like the Armor All theory. The "spill" on the driver's side of the car is on top of the air box. I don't see what anyone could be topping off or playing with in that area. Like I said... There's no way of knowing for sure, but the more I look at it the more I think that someone got overzealous trying to make it all shiny. It still qualifies as a spill, just not necessarily of a vital fluid The road salt, I don't know. It doesn't snow here.

The ebay auction did show an odometer reading of 13 miles iirc, but I don't know what new BMWs are delivered with (every one built at a specific factory should be exactly-or very, very close-to the same, I'd think).

I don't think that the pictures are sufficient evidence to say that there's any kind of foul play involved. Is it conceivable? Yeah, sure. It's also conceivable that when I go out my front door to go to work tomorrow there'll be a new 911 GT2 parked behind the STI with my name on the title and the keys in the ignition. Conceivable, but not likely.

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