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Originally Posted by dooma350 View Post
OK, I admit to being under a great deal of stress, as I cant even post links correctly right now.

This is what i was referring too. The remark on bloggers having too much time on their hands is where I think they dont get it.
I agree, they just don't get it is a new era. They are still playing games and counting on the uninformed buyer. Walking up on their lot while going out to dinner and just buy the car without doing any homework. Those days are changing.

The better dealerships are using the internet in the right way. I am currently shopping around for a new car. And what I have found is that the internet guys are so much better to deal with then walking onto the lot and dealing with the sales lizards guy. At the better dealerships the internet guy cut right to the chase and is strait forward with the price. No stupid game. Again not at all the one I have dealt with but it is really clear who the better ones are.

Out of the five BMW dealerships here in Colorado only one was great to work with. The guy in Colorado Springs did it the right way. Offered a fair price and was up front with all the pricing. Did not play games.