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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post

As smart and educated I believe you are, sometimes I get really surprised with your comments...

Your first paragraph clears it all in my mind -- brainwashed soldier mentality that cannot be easily changed... Your second paragraph clarifies where you get your (censored) information...

In the first paragraph you openly prove how much worse we are in the last 8 years as the % number of immigrants (outside MEX and CUBA) pouring in the USA (one of the easiest countries to become legal immigrant) has slowed down tremendeously, and we see the increase of the flow the other way. Yet, you refuse to admit how our standards and world respect went down since this lunatic (or I'd say the last two) took the office...

The second paragraph...SH did things because of our pure politics that did not hurt him but only people in Iraq for decades. SH lived better in the last 15 years of his time than in the previous 40, because we enabled him to do so. Unfortunately for the people of Iraq, it was opposite for them, and again, because of our wrong and sick politics... I can give you more examples of the same -- Cuba, NK, Yugoslavia, Iran getting there and so on... Isolating the country (people) because of the faults done by the dictators that lead them shoudl be a crime...

There was a much better, civilized and cheaper way to solve the SH saga than distroying the whole country while lying to the whole World about the reasons of doing so... But our administration failed to do so, and behaved like empty headed cowboys. The outcome -- $1T spent, additional $12B every month. $12B/month would have covered roughly 400,000 full YEARLY scholarships at Harvard for example. It would cover over 100,000 heart surgeries for people that will die soon...
It cost us (at least) 4000 of our lives, no major issues resolved within this country...

On the other hand, believing that Iraq is better NOW than in 2000 is simply ridiculous. Almost 1/2 million innocent dead (that were not threatened in 2000 or 2002), Infrastructure gone, Foreign soldiers that have no clue about your culture ruling your lives (is that really better than what they had???), sparce drinking water, electricity only a few hours daily...and all that in Baghdad...

Do you really believe that the US can afford to stay there another 10 years to make things better and that the US can really afford to rebuild the country when we have bridges falling in our own backyard, and roads that are becoming impossible to use...

Can we really just pack and leave? Or, do we have to?
$12b/week=$52b/month damn it.
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