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Originally Posted by ATG View Post
1. So were they (Cubans) slaughtered? When, where, and exactly how many of them? It seems that Cubans enjoyed quite a comfortable life style until the breakdown of the USSR, when the millions of dollars in subsidies to Cuba stopped in the late 1980s.

2. "No way of knowing," "no reasonable way to identify," etc. But how anyone can say now with the straight face that the world is better of? It's a catchy phrase that has an emotional appeal, but no evidentiary support. And a lot of the world's population would say that the world would be better of without G.W. Bush. Care to take a global poll?
You can get a fairly good idea of the quality of life in a country by what happens when the border gates are lifted. Do people rush in or rush out? Cuba since the inception of the Castro regime has been a place where people risk their lives to get out.

How can anyone say with a straight face that the world is NOT better off in the absence of a despotic, fascist dictator who invaded two of his neighbors, gassed and slaughtered his own people, and funded and harbored terrorists?

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