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And they said Rome wasn't built in a day. Checking in here from and i must say, after taking three days to read all of this, I'm glad to see that you are almost there. We all hate to be taken advantage of by dealers. This should show dealers(although we know they don't care) that you can't mess with someone this way. I haven't used ebay personally to buy anything over 50 bucks, but there will always be fraud commited no matter where we are.

To the people concerned about the internet sales "manager," his job is to sell cars. He sells on the internet, it's not like it's some new guy who normally works the lot. Ads like that need some form of approval from a higher up, it's their FAIL.

Dooma, if you get that car out here and want some pictures done, you can let me know. Congrats again and make sure to find a good fraud attorney, just in case.