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Hey, vlad - you spoke of gaming purposes so I just referred to the benchmarks of Doom III from that same article you linked - which shows that the Macbook only performed 66% of what Acer's laptop performed.

eleven24 - are you secondguessing my competency with OS X? That's absurd and why should I even try to make some kind of rebuttal to your disparaging remark? I'm not a genius and it definitely doesn't take one to master ALL of the OS X. The Terminal? Hah - Windows has MULTIPLE forms of "Terminals" for multiple purposes.

If you even try to say that the Mac OS has any sort of technical prowess over Windows in any kind of way, I simply have nothing to say to you.

Before this burns up into a tawdry Mac vs PC debate, note I never bashed on Macs - they're perfectly fine and suitable for 99.9% of the population out there. But for the highly advanced and techincal 0.1% who demand maximum features in regards to technical amentities and programs, there is simply no denying that Windows and only Windows would be the route to take in today's technology - give or take all of the hordes of hacks and virii out there.
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