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I mean your totally right...but if you believe anyone is being honest in court, then you sure dont sound 52 to me to be that gullable. maybe your an honest canadian..those really patriotic types..who knows...but the point is they cant prove that i am the primary driver because of my changed address...thats the whole point of changing your address and claiming you borrowed it and like you said it turns out to look like i have just borrowed it that day and i had bad luck and got into an then take you car to your buddies bodyshop get some other BS stuff included into your estimate and send a nice big bill to the auto insurance company. you then get your car fixed plus a grand or two extra in your pocket. then go to your buddy thats a doctor and get BS massage therapy treatments for a few months and pocket another few grand there...the point is buddy your very wrong if you think anything here is bound to get my in mentality or what im after is very wrong..but everything is legally done by paperwork...maybe you have been very honest all your life to see it i said i know dozens of people that are in the same game as i am for over a decade prolly without one person getting into trouble...why? because everything done is backed up by documented paperwork...i mean its ok if you or others think im wrong or what me and plenty others do is wrong..maybe ur best friend does it too just doesnt tell you about it...

Again, insurance companies will handle a large claim very differently than a smaller one. If your car got totaled and someone was seriously injured and the company was looking at a multi-million dollar claim, they'd look at the pictures of your car, and probably conclude that it is a bit pimptacular to be the car of a middle aged man. Next step would be to spend a couple of grand to have a PI go to the parking lot where you park for work everyday, flash your picture to the attendentat along with a pic of your car and ask how often you drive that car to work. Hell they could even have their lawyers subpoena the video surveilance of the parking lot to establish that you drove that car in frequently enough to be the primary driver.

As for picking up extra money by scamming an insurance company, if that's the only way you can make money, or that couple grand is a large amount of money to you, well then best of luck with it.