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Originally Posted by goldminer View Post
I am shopping for a car now and am considering the E92 335, the E 92 M3 or an Audi S5. one of the things I always consider is insurance costs so I phoned my agent for quotes today. I asked for the same coverage as I have now (with a $500 deductible) and she also got me a quote for $1,000 deductible on the collison and comprehensive. Here are the results.

E92 335: $500 ded. = $1,952
$1,000 ded = $1,822

E9 M3: $500 ded. = $2,647
$1,000 ded = $2,395

Audi S5: $500 ded. = $2,201
$1,000 ded = $2,017

The S5 is only slightly less expensive a car than the M3 yet is cheaper to insure. I asked and was told the difference was mostly in the comprehensive section. Is the M3 that much more likely to be stolen or vandalized? I was quite surpised by this.
That's pretty expensive. My spouse and I (in Alberta) have a 2008 e92 M3 (mine, replacing 2005 e46 M3) and a 2007 M Coupe. $1500 deductible, total insurance for BOTH cars is $2300 per year.

Neither of us have clean records. Spousal unit totalled a 2006 MINI Cooper last fall, and we both have a couple of speeding tickets.