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Question Venture Shield/Clear Bra advice

Hey everyone looking for some opinions regarding ventureshield.

Living in Indianapolis there are only two certified installers for ventureshield and I want a my full hood, bumper, side fenders and +/- side panels which ventureshield now shows on their website. Now the installer who does most of the BMW's and Porsche in Indy quoted me a price of $2700 which includes the following pieces. On the other hand the only other certified installer is Ziebart who doesn't do as much but is willing to do it for $2000.

Does this sound like a reasonable price? It seems a little high but that's including the side panels.

Now do you think the side panels are worth to do because that could cut some cost but just concerned what road rash can do over the years to Jerez black.

Now the other last resort is to see if someone in the Chicago area can do it for cheaper but then I have to take a chance in driving up to Chicago and get a rock chip.

To bad I don't live in California because I would have so much more options.

Any opionions or advice will greatly be appreciated.

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