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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
Yeahhhhhh. This might work for a fender bender, but if you were to get in to an accident where someone needed $2m in medical care over the rest of their life, the insurance company would probably dig a little deeper.

This could lead to you having to commit perjury at a trial, along with your parents, and the person you were allegedly living with. But I guess if your family can't afford the insurance on your M3 you gotta do what you gotta do.

Actually no. When you apply for the insurance you are required, by law, to give complete and accurate info. If you don't you've committed fraud.
my family could afford it...yes i live with my parents but i work and make a good living but i dont want my family paying for any of my expenses...and i find no harm in shaving off money here and there and next thing you know you have a nice chunk of change sitting in your account to utilize for many other things...
2002 Laguna Seca Blue M3