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Originally Posted by goldminer View Post
I'm not sure where are you getting your legal advice from but I believe you are very wrong. When you enter into a contract with someone you are required to provide accurate information or the contract is void. Contrary to your assertions, if the contract is void the car is not insured. You are correct that I can loan you my car occasionally and the car has insurance coverage but if you become the primary driver, and I don't declare it, the car does not have insurance coverage.

As for them having no right to ask those questions I'm not sure why you think this. If one party has reason to suspect the other party to a contract has fraudulently misrepresented the risk the insurer has taken on they have every right to ask those questions and to investigate. If the amount involved in the claim is large and they suspect fraud they will just deny your claim and it will be up to you to take them to court to force coverage. At that time you will be disclosing information under oath and if you lie then you are now committing a serious crime.

There is nothing legal about what you are doing.
I mean your totally right...but if you believe anyone is being honest in court, then you sure dont sound 52 to me to be that gullable. maybe your an honest canadian..those really patriotic types..who knows...but the point is they cant prove that i am the primary driver because of my changed address...thats the whole point of changing your address and claiming you borrowed it and like you said it turns out to look like i have just borrowed it that day and i had bad luck and got into an then take you car to your buddies bodyshop get some other BS stuff included into your estimate and send a nice big bill to the auto insurance company. you then get your car fixed plus a grand or two extra in your pocket. then go to your buddy thats a doctor and get BS massage therapy treatments for a few months and pocket another few grand there...the point is buddy your very wrong if you think anything here is bound to get my in mentality or what im after is very wrong..but everything is legally done by paperwork...maybe you have been very honest all your life to see it i said i know dozens of people that are in the same game as i am for over a decade prolly without one person getting into trouble...why? because everything done is backed up by documented paperwork...i mean its ok if you or others think im wrong or what me and plenty others do is wrong..maybe ur best friend does it too just doesnt tell you about it...
2002 Laguna Seca Blue M3