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I totally understand what your saying, but my good friend all that has been thought about...I dont know why im teaching the public about these loop holes.and the answer for your post is that you change YOUR address to your uncles, aunts, cousins etc etc...doesnt matter who you choose but the point is when they ask why the principal driver was not driving the answer is "because I was borrowing it for the day". ive been into two accidents the past 8 years and one of them was my come out clean...eveyrone in my community does this anyway...its the socal way of living haha lol..well not everyone but you get the point is basically i can drive your car and get into an accident and im covered and the car is covered because at the end of the day "the car was insured". i can even collect medical insurance money...its been done plenty of times from dozens of people i know and its actually a veryyyy legal way of bending the rules. they have no right to ask why i live somewhere else or why i was borrowing the car...its personal reasons...even if they do you can always have an point is you wont get fired or let go from your job
Yeahhhhhh. This might work for a fender bender, but if you were to get in to an accident where someone needed $2m in medical care over the rest of their life, the insurance company would probably dig a little deeper.

This could lead to you having to commit perjury at a trial, along with your parents, and the person you were allegedly living with. But I guess if your family can't afford the insurance on your M3 you gotta do what you gotta do.

Originally Posted by M3aHOLIC84 View Post
its actually a veryyyy legal way of bending the rules.
Actually no. When you apply for the insurance you are required, by law, to give complete and accurate info. If you don't you've committed fraud.

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