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Originally Posted by M3aHOLIC84 View Post
dont worry about high insurance prices...for all you novice people in bending the rules....just get insurance under one of your parents names that have a good driving dont need to be long as the car is insured your good to go.... ive done that with all my cars...i got a quote on the new M3 also under my dads name and for $500 deductible it comes out to be about $1145 for 6 months

Well that is a brilliant idea as long as you don't have an accident. If you lie about who is the principal driver of the car you don't have a valid insurance policy. You have fraudulently obtained insurance from the company.

Should they query why the declared principal driver was not driving the car in an accident, (which they might do, say, if the accident happened while you were on the way to work on a weekday) they can deny all coverage. It is also really easy to raise their curiosity if your dad is listed as principal driver on 2 or 3 cars. If you were at fault in this accident you would then be left paying the bill for the repair, or, if the car were written off, you would still have to make the payments on it to the finance company.

Then there is the pesky little matter of committing this fraud actually being a minor criminal offence. I don't know what line of work you're in but in mine I could loose my professional license and my job with a criminal conviction.