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Across any message board on the net there are those who blindly post comments such as "Apple Sucks". For the most part, these are people who have never used a Mac, and therefore have no basis for posting their "opinion".

As mentioned above, and it's really not a cliche - once you use a Mac, you won't want any part of a Windows based machine. Yes, the machines generally cost more than a PC. That's normally the crux of the PC vs Apple argument. The difference is that the Mac comes loaded with USEFUL software, not the garbage typically packed into a PC.

Considering that you can now run Windows on your Apple computer, the barrier to switching is now virtually non existant. There is a reason so many Apple users are so passionate about their machines (like me). Buy a new MacBook and see why everyone says OSX is so far superior to WinXP. If you don't like it (which I highly doubt) you'll still have a kick-ass piece of hardware that can still run Windows.
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