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Originally Posted by JerseyBeemer View Post
So now you have moved onto what the legal obligations are? I thought you were the one saying that the reason not to go after the dealership was because it was wrong to expect them to take a loss on this deal (recall your original post)...not because contract law was on their side.

The lawyers on the board have given their opinion about that, I'll go with their opinions on the law. Debating the ethics was kinda interesting though.
Apparently I misunderstood what you were asking. I thought you were asking about the legal nature, not the moral question of whether it is ok to screw someone by charging them far greater than market value.

But when the company I worked for used to contract with the State we often times cut previously held contracts by 2/3 when we bid on them. So, do I think it is morally wrong to mislead someone into paying more than market value? Yes, yes I do.