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dooma350 -

I saw your post and joined this site to post to you.

You need to contact NBC News. You should try to contact a national correspondent. Once this information goes public you will immediately put the dealership in the spotlight. BAD PRESS is a horrible thing they will not want to deal with. Someone will step in and you should get your car. This is news that people would love to hear about and they will definately side with you on this!!!!!!

Call them tomorrow!

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Mooseman (Or Fil or Michael)
You are certainly entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine, but lets get a few thing straight.

1) The dealer, of their own volition decided to sell on an auction site called ebay. Its also of their own volition to set no reserve, and title their auction LOWEST M3 ON EBAY.
2) Said auction site works by placing bids. I didnt set the opening bid of 60000, The dealership did. And 60K isnt chump change son.
3) I am obligated to purchase at the auction ending cost. Do you think the dealer would let me off the hook if i put in a bid of 100K and it ended? HELL F-ING NO.
4) The dealer changed their BUY IT NOW twice, thru the course of the auction. Its obvious they were fishing for more bids.
5) The "poor guy" you referred to laughed in my face, telling me how his company is a "Multi-Billion daollar" company, and I didnt have a chance. So even if you are the said poor guy, I say you have only yourself to blame.

You seem to be under the impression that dealerships are non-profit, people loving humanitarian companies. They are in this to make money, and dont have your best interest at heart. Even a guy like you, mooseman. In fact, they love to sell cars to people so oblivious, such as yourself. Lastly, please dont blame your lack of success on others. Look in the mirror, its you.

PS Mooseman, I'd love to see your IP address and compare it to the one I have for the dealership, lol. Please continue to post!