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Originally Posted by mooseman View Post
But, as far as this situation goes, here is my take: I find the whole ordeal disgusting. I've been to a restaurant where the waiter gave me change for $100 when I paid with a $50. Naturally I returned the money. I've been at the bank where the teller gave me more money than the check I cashed. I obviously returned the money.

Here, we have a very analogous situation. You were bidding on the car with full knowledge that the vehicle was listed for less than invoice. You knew it was most likely a mistake. Did you e-mail the lister to find out if they intended to sell it under invoice? No, you wanted to profit from the mistake of another.
No, no, no sir. You are wrong - dead wrong.

And here is why: the auction system is specifically designed to allow for initial pricing to be set where ever the seller wishes and for the marketplace to determine the true value of the product in question. This is not a restaurant or bank with a fixed price transaction. This is an online auction house where the final price is determined by the bidders and only by the bidders.

Furthermore, routinely, items are placed on ebay way below their market value. In fact, items are placed on ebay with a starting price of $0.01. I've done this myself. So there is absolutely no way to say that this auction price was a mistake. In fact, quite to the contrary, the dealership advertised it as the lowest price on the internet. They knew their price was low - very low. What they thought would happen was that it would bid up to or near MSRP. It did not. But they knew the risk of this full well, and chose to take it.

What I recommend for you is to be absolutely sure you understand the circumstances of a situation before you pass such harsh judgement. When we are speaking of morals with such conviction, its also important to remember that its absolutely immoral to pass judgement on a person or persons when you have not taken the time to understand their plight beforehand.

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