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Originally Posted by mooseman View Post
I know this is my first post, and the only thing I have in common, apparently, with any of you is that I own a BMW, which I enjoy driving.

But, as far as this situation goes, here is my take: I find the whole ordeal disgusting. I've been to a restaurant where the waiter gave me change for $100 when I paid with a $50. Naturally I returned the money. I've been at the bank where the teller gave me more money than the check I cashed. I obviously returned the money.

Here, we have a very analogous situation. You were bidding on the car with full knowledge that the vehicle was listed for less than invoice. You knew it was most likely a mistake. Did you e-mail the lister to find out if they intended to sell it under invoice? No, you wanted to profit from the mistake of another.

Now you want to post in here about how the dealer "screwed" you. Although I don't know what they have "cost" you in refusing to "honor" what was obviously a mistake on part of an agent of their organization. Rather than sympathize with the poor bastard who might lose his job in this worsening economy, all you can do is pout and pitch a tantrum like a 4 year old.

Seriously, and what is worse the constant support from others in here who believe that you are somehow "owed" that deal. Am I the only person who find you a morally reprehensible spoiled brat?

No wonder I never get anywhere in this world. I'm too worried about morals, ethics, principles, empathy and the other useless traits that tend to keep good guys down.

Good luck with your purchase, I hope you get your car, but it won't be worth what you paid for it, namely your humanity.
to be fair: you really don't know that the dealer made a mistake. it wouldn't be the first time someone was messed with by a dealer. so no, no body is losing their humanity. you're comparing getting wrong change for $50 bill to a car sale in the thousands, that's apples and oranges. the dealer probably watched the auction. this is my take on your take.