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Bad experience at BMW of Encinitas

Yesterday I had, in my opinion, a very bad experience at BMW of Encinitas. So, I had been exchanging emails with a sales gentleman for a bit now & until recently they were adding $5K to MSRP, so I wasn't bothering with them. Mid-week I get an email that they will sell me the car at MSRP & the guy says that they will also give me the buy-rate MF if I choose to lease. We setup a time to meet on Friday, so I head up there to put my order in. I have a spreadsheet with all options, codes & the lease calculation wih $0 down, buyrate MF, etc. After an hour of being there, he comes back from finance & informs me that my numbers are a bit off & that I missed a couple of items. He then proceeds to show me a lease rate that is $25 a month more with a cap reduciton of $1300 & explains this is because I did not include the title & registration. I look at my spreadsheet & notice that next to the .00275 MF I have listed, they have hand written "290-owner loyalty" . I ask him what this means & he says he doesn't know. I then ask him to show me where on his paperwork it shows the moneyfactor & he says he doesn't know. So he goes back to finance & comes back & says that they are giving me the standard money factor & that I had listed the buy-rate, which they will not agree to. So, not only did he lie to me in our emails and during our phone conversation, but he tried to slide it through without being up front & just explaining that they would not give me the buy-rate. When I press him on why he lied in his emails, he finally concedes that he thought he could get them to put it through. I then ask why then did you not just say that is why the payment is higher instead of trying to say that I had mistakenly not included the registration & title, which I had already explained I was going to pay all inception & license fees up front. So, in the end, I got to drive up and back to Encinitas from Del Mr, which on a Friday is no treat traffic wise & then waste an hour and a half of time at the dealership because the sales guy did not have the ethics to be up front about our negotiations. So, although I was a prior customer of BMW of Encinitas, I will never step foot in that dealership for sales, service or anything ever again. Considering I am 36 & this will be my 4th BMW in a row, BMW of Encinitas has lost a potential long term customer & in all honesty, I doubt they really care. Anyhow, if anyone is in San Diego, I would be very carefull when negotiating with this dealership.