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Originally Posted by Negotiator View Post
You know, they would, but we are kind of running low on funds at the moment. I wonder why... Shifting responsibility my ass, i pay five times as much in taxes to the fed than i pay to my grossly overtaxed state. I would much rather some of that money had gone to subsidize expansion of highways around the tristate so I don't have to spend two hours commuting every day, than to get rid of an obscure Darth Vader in the taint of Middle East. This is from my personal, financially sound perspective, because I don't think my idealism regarding right and wrong would even register.
I will not argue that we are under taxed at the federal level but to claim we are, "running low on funds at the moment" is quite simply a bizarre and ignorant statement. The feds are going to spend approx. $3 Trillion this year!

Why do you feel anyone outside the tristate should have to subsidize making your commute easier? What type of sense of entitlement do you have that makes you think someone in Montana who chose to live there because there were no traffic problems should fork over his hard earned dollars to make the choice you made less painful for you?

If you want your roads expanded, talk to your state legislature.

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