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Originally Posted by krndanic307
BMW is also coming out with the new Z10 in late 2007 i think?
i've heard they changed the name to "Z8" again. Here's some info from a BMW informant that posts under the alias Scott26:

Figure of "8"

The Z8 was expensive to manufacture because of it's aluminium space frame structure but it was also a learning curve on how to utilize this form of construction which is now seen on the Rolls-Royce Phantom and other other forthcoming Rolls-Royce products. And also set BMW in developing lightweight technology for other cars - Overall the Z8 was an experiment allbeit an expensive experiment but what we have learned from the Z8 has filtered to today's BMW products such as Carbon fibre roofs and aluminium construction .

Of course the Z8 if anything will be remembered for it's on-screen debut in "The World is not enough" as product placement - Which was very successful which led to buyers purchasing the car because of it's association with an icon James Bond 007.

Profit margins were slim in all it was a sales success we produced 3000 cars and each one was sold - where the disappointment lies with the Z8 is the fact that the car was expensive and criticized in the press for it's dull driving experience when it could have promised more . The following Alpina Z8 roadster corrected some of this - with press reports saying that the Alpina Roadster had specific changesand was the car the Z8 should have been.

BMW are working on a replacement and are at the design stage with the board of management moving to decide on the proposals to feature a standard Coupe, Coupe with folding hardtop like the Mercedes SL or a already in final decision stages a roadster like the original Z8. BMW are keen on the Z4 idea a roadster and a coupe which will bring a dynamic bloodline and kinship to the product range.

"8ties revival

Of course with Porsche looking at returning the 928 to it's product line up
BMW do not want to be left out - Hence the great hesitation within BMW to distance itself from supercars - which in this current climate only get 15 mins and then hit the headlines for the wrong reasons eg climate , social responsibility , high speed accidents and Paris Hilton.

Of course to distance itself from the M6 which just now is BMW's top line Coupe - The 8 will more than likely feature a V12 destined to arrive in the next 7er. It is possible that the V10 from the M5 and M6 could feature with a much higher output distancing itself from the M5 and M6 or M-division could rework the V12 to appear more suitable.

BMW are especially interested in the social responsibilty aspect of producing a performance car soley powered by Hydrogen following the success of the H2r which would give the brand a dynamic and interesting talking point. The hydrogen powered technology is seen internally @ BMW as one of the company's most significant developments in its entire history.

The new M car would take advantage of BMW's lightweight technology and if Coupe feature a Carbon Fibre roof such as the current M6 and the forthcoming M3 Coupe.
With carbon fibre body parts eventually appearing on a forthcoming lightweight version of the M6 - This could also take shape as could a complete aluminium structure or carbon fibre tub.

@ Geneva Chris Bangle and Adrian Van Hooydunk were allover the new Ferrari 599 as were BMW design personnel - This car has what brought back BMW's interest into returning into this segment after the 8er coupe from 1989 which compared to today's cars was too heavy, thirsty and had a compromised numb driving experience .

With a proposed "small" Rolls-Royce in the development the press are reporting that it will be a direct rival for the Bentley Continental GT family - It wont be.... Which means the particular segment is ripe for the BMW badge especially one that signals the return of "8"

A two seater coupe or roadster offering dynamsm , cutting edge design and lightweight technology all mated together to form an exciting and dynamic enthusiasts car would make a powerful statement and sum up the emotional atributes of "Freude am Fahren".