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Since speaking with the dealership and ebay, Ive contacted both BBB,BMW NA and

Hopefully, I'll hear from the Nebraska BBB next week. I also contacted BMW NA and opened a complaint against BMW of Lincoln. But im not counting on this action too much. Speaking from firsthand experience here, but unfortunately, there is little BMW NA, the manufacturer can do against the dealer in regards to sales situations. First job out of college was in consumer affairs at Nissan, and I hated these situations, cuz we were powerless. But one thing I can do, as one poster suggested is to continue placing this dealer in a negative light, which can be accomplished thru letters with CCs to the dealer, BMW NA, BBB, etc.

Also Contacted, to see if there was any interest in this story.

Next week, I'll await to hear from Ebay, and contact some other resources (news, media, etc), and let people know whats going on. Oh, and Im going to have a lawyer buddy of mine draft a letter and send it off to the dealer.

I am hoping Ebay processes their investigation in a timely manner. Per ebay, dealer sales accounts are held to a higher standard, and if evidence of neglient sales practices is found the account will be suspended. This I think is a big deal for a large company such as the Husker Auto Group (7 dealerships). The Sales GM at BMW of Lincoln was also waiting to hear back from Ebay as well, so Im guessing they too take their ebay selling seriously (but apparently not serious enough).

Again, I want to thank everyone thats given me support on this thread. If I get the car, then all is right in the world. If not, then Im gonna make sure the dealer gets hell for this, so everyone knows of the unethical business practices at BMW of Lincoln. And I'll still get the M3, but in my preferred color/options.

Edit: To the dude who keeps claiming I didnt win the auction, I won, look at the page. So please, no more posts on what you feel is a BIN/reserve.