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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
You really should not speak if you do not know what you are talking about.

From the Social Security Administration:

In 2006, the combined cost of the Social Security and Medicare programs represented roughly 7.3 percent of GDP. Social Security outgo amounted to 4.2 percent of GDP in 2006 and is projected to increase to 6.3 percent of GDP in 2081. Medicare's cost was smaller in 2006-3.1 percent of GDP- but is projected to surpass the cost of Social Security in 2028, growing to 11.3 percent of GDP in 2081 when it will be 80 percent larger than Social Security's cost. In 2081, the combined cost of the programs will represent 17.6 percent of GDP. As a point of comparison, in 2006 all Federal receipts amounted to 18.5 percent of GDP.

Actually, you should not put stuff there that absolutely makes no sense from relative point of view:
In the last 5 years we WASTED all the money for the wars while did not increase spendings for basics like education, healthcare and SS.
Healthcare is the worst dump in the world (worse than 3rd world countries), Education is a joke, we all know there will be no SS in 20 years but we're FORCED to contribute to it...