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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
The reason why people suspect a heavier wheel is because BMW will not spend as much time creating a wheel as some wheel companies.
Not sure why people suspect this. Why wouldn't BMW spend whatever time is necessarily to design high quality wheels? How are wheels any different than any other component of the car? Then they should also be less than optimal with the engine, suspension, transmission, engine, etc...

Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
Also, more importantly, BMW wants to ENSURE no chance of breakage by thus making them heavier.
BBS has the same concern here. It's not as if all BBS rims are made for the track. Actually, most aren't.

Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
Also, the wheels have many spokes...and each spoke is not thin, and definitely not hollow either...therefore it would really be hard to believe a 23/26 lb wheel weight. I would say a minimum of 25/27, but that's just me.
I don't see a major difference between the numbers you are quoting above. We were discussing the stock 19" wheels weighing more than 28/29 lbs, which is over the top I think.

Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
Again, no offense to anyone, including BMW...they are a company that wants to minimize costs, and by making the wheels heavier, 99% of buyers would not notice, and, in the process, wheel-related incidents would be minimized.
Yes, but the stock 19" wheels are by no means cheap. It's not as if BMW is giving them away. $1200 as an option. And as Greg is saying, in volume they would be comparable in value to a set of aftermarket wheels which sell for $3k. I'm not taking any offense in any of this. We're just discussing.