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Originally Posted by Laszlo View Post
Buy It Now
When you see the Buy It Now icon next to a listing or see a Buy It Now price listed on an item page, you can get that item right away without waiting for an auction-style listing to end.

To purchase an item with Buy It Now:
Decide whether you're willing to buy the item for the Buy It Now price. Please remember, shipping and handling charges are not included in the Buy It Now price. You may need to contact the seller to determine the total price of the item. If the listing is a Pay Now and Buy It Now item, the seller requires immediate payment, so the shipping cost and other charges will be displayed in the listing description.

Click the Buy It Now button at the bottom of the item page and enter your User ID and password.

You'll see a Buy It Now confirmation message. From there, you can choose among the offered payment methods (PayPal, personal check, money order, and so on).

Pay for the item.

The seller ships it to you.

Tip: If you see an item has both a Buy It Now price and a bid price listed, it means you will need to act quickly! The Buy It Now price is available until the auction price has exceeded a price threshold or until the reserve price has been met.

Sorry but your are wrong!!! That just means that the BIN will stay on the auction until the bid passes that threshold OR reserve price has been met. This auction was listed at 60K with NO RESERVE.

If you really want to prove yourself right (which won't happen)
Go bid on something that has no reserve and bid .01 less than the BIN See if the seller comes after you!