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Originally Posted by GewoW View Post
The reason why people suspect a heavier wheel is because BMW will not spend as much time creating a wheel as some wheel companies. Also, more importantly, BMW wants to ENSURE no chance of breakage by thus making them heavier. Also, the wheels have many spokes...and each spoke is not thin, and definitely not hollow either...therefore it would really be hard to believe a 23/26 lb wheel weight. I would say a minimum of 25/27, but that's just me.

Again, no offense to anyone, including BMW...they are a company that wants to minimize costs, and by making the wheels heavier, 99% of buyers would not notice, and, in the process, wheel-related incidents would be minimized.
The 23 - 26 lb weight range is respectable; for a forged wheel these would place style and strength over sheer light weight as priorities. Given the $1,200 surcharge for these, add the base wheel cost (another $1,200?) and given the volumes these must be produced in would potentially make them comparable to a $3k + set. Until we can weigh them bare, I'm not confident of the weight numbers, but they're certainly not in the 28-30# range like many cast wheels of these sizes.

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