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Still somewhat confused about angel eye mod options

I was initially planning on buying a pair of GP Thunder 8500k and PIAA H3 Xtreme's - I had read this was the best combination for those two bulbs, though I really have little knowledge if there is anything better out there...still waiting for PIAA H8's to be available it seems.

When checking bimmian there seems to be numerous options including

Xenon Halo Upgrade

HID Conversions

Xenesis Tru Match

Xenoflo HID bulbs

I'm avoiding the Xenesis Tru Match since Greg seemed to have some problems with them.
About the Xenoflo HID bulbs - are they any better than other HID alternatives?

I have no idea what the advantage of of the "Xenon Halo Upgrade" or "HID Conversions" are - How is using the HID conversion different from just getting a HID bulb in the case of the e92? No clue what kind of bulb the Xenon Halo upgrade is - LED? Would this option give a brighter light than the halogen GP's?
AW/FR e92 M3

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