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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
In what capacity were you there? Military or contractor?

You could have walked freely in Fallujah without fear before US invasion.
Iraq was attacked because of WMD. There were NO WMD. Country destroyed so that we can claim victory?

You compare WWII and Iraq? C’mon man.

We are obviously going to fight the war thru recession, but at what cost? This war reflects terrible decision making and was and continues to be a mistake.

We are going to spend another 5-10k US lives and trillions of $ so that we can “claim” victory?
I was there as a contractor, I have been retired from active duty for a few years now.

We can go over the whole WMD thing again and again. The bottom line is Saddam bet his country and his regime on a bluff and lost. He was more worried about Iran than he was about complying with his ceasefire agreement with the US. He did not think we would go beyond a Desert Fox type action so he maintained the deception that he retained stockpiles of WMD to deter Iran. He was wrong. He miscalculated and he and his country paid the price. It is important to note that the Kaye Report estimated that Iraq could have a CW program up and running in 6 months and Saddam made clear he intended to restart as soon as the sanctions were lifted.

You are wrong though to suggest that WMD was the only reason for the invasion. I suggest you read the President's speech in Cincinnati and the Congressional Resolution authorizing the use of military force. They lay out the case for war clearly.

It is pointless to concentrate solely on the past though. We are there now and we cannot go back in time so the question is what do we do now and what are the consequences for our actions.

If we stay and allow the Iraqis time to develop their security forces and their government, we may well end up with a real alternative to the authoritarian regimes that currently dominate the area (except Israel and Turkey). Would such a state in the heart of the Arab world be in the best interest of the US? I believe it would be and is something worth fighting for.

What do you believe would happen if we surrendered as you suggest?

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