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Originally Posted by Neurorad View Post
Our conscience DOES tell us right from wrong. Like you said, it's the inner voice that's been programmed by society, telling you what is acceptable and what is not.
So is it wrong to stone a woman for infidielity?

What about if you lived in the Middle East where it is not only tolerated but expected?

Seems to me that our conscience is heavily influenced by outside influences.

How about this: Is it wrong to strap a bomb to yourself and go blow up a bunch of people?

Consciences are very subjective depending on who you are, your upbrining, etc. There is no clear right or wrong for any situation. If you were taught to not feel remorse at stoning a woman to death then you will not feel remorse. Your conscience is not some magical mystical entitiy that automatically knows right from wrong. There are no Jiminy Crickets out there telling people what is right and what is wrong; only other people.