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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
Attacking a sovereign country on false premise. WMD. No connection to 9-11.

4k US lives lost. Tens of thousands of Iraqis dead.

$12b/month cost.

Billions of $ unaccounted for.

No exit strategy.

Un-supported claim that we are safer today than 5 years ago.

US divisiveness about the war.

Lack of public support for the war.

We failed mostly because people of Iraq DONíT want us there and as soon as we leave there will be more religious bloodshed and power struggle. If we stay it will cost us beyond whatís acceptable.

Remember that Sadam was NOT our problem. He was contained and benign. No WMD. Donít forget that this war was sold to us and the rest of the world on WMD and 9-11 connection.

9-11 was the springboard for which an Iraq invasion was seen as acceptable. Politicians are using, and have used, major catastrophic events to initiate their own agendas, gain power, make money, and strip individual freedoms.

That fact that military families donated the most money to Ron Paul's campaign speaks volumes about what the right choice regarding in Iraq is. Start getting out now! The mindset of the people over there is completely different from our own. We need to comes to grips with that.