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Originally Posted by viobruin View Post
eBay does not exist in a vacuum. Those rules are the actions that eBay can take against a person/entity for violating its policies, which is separate and independent from the actions that can be taken in a court of law.
The issue is not eBay being in a vacuum, IMO. The issue is following the established procedure within eBay for cases like this to have a better ground to stand for ultimately winning the case. Is not the same as saying that whatever eBay decides is the actual law and it's finished, end of discussion. If you read the eBay rules they simply state their actions against seller violations, not the buyers actions against seller violations. Therefore, the OP response should be first going thru the eBay violation process and wait for a response.

Now, if eBay response ends up to be unsatisfactory for the seller then a possible legal action could be initiated at the discretion of the buyer. That is still the buyer right and prerrogative.

Personally, I think that the OP will have his car for $60k if done right and everybody in this forum will hate him for it.