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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
OK, you are correct. Polls are correct. Im wrong. Ill talk to you in 5 years when Baghdad Disney World opens, since were winning hearts and minds over there.

Your definition of victory in Iraq is a fairytale. Were not even close and recession is knocking on our door. We need to get out of there, except we cant.
What are you basing your assessment of the prospects for victory on? I just returned from 6 months in the country and I cannot even begin to describe for you the major transformation that has occurred there.

I was walking the streets of Fullujah without fear, Ramadi is the same. These were cities that I was unable to enter 2 years ago without full body armor and an uparmored vehicle if at all.

We are winning this war.

Why do you believe a nation cannot fight a war through a recession? We fought WWII in the midst of the Great Depression.

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