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Originally Posted by rambino View Post
ChineseGuy Im assuming your an ABC, therefore your backround would have been on a different side of religion (buddhism?) and even more so being american im sure your family never even brought that into your life.. That being the case youve probably been raised without any belief in God. Sad to say, i can see how you would have no points to make except those from which you learned off the net, or stupid videos which you call your information, like Dr325.
LOL...i won't bother with those non-sense claims directed to other members, i'll just explain my part instead.

I'm not an ABC, i'm Chinese born in China. Good guess on the buddhism, that's what my family tends to believe, not me. My family likes to give me the freedom to let me choose what i believe in, and it turns out I believe in "myself". I was raised in a family that beleived in Buddha, but that didn't really affect my judgement in life; although, i do have alot of Christian friends.

When i pointed out Chris Angel, it was just to show you how a magician can perform your so-called "miracles". Moreover, discovery channel isn't stupid videos, they're based on FACTS. If you think discovery channel is stupid, then I think i understand why you would believe that a man-written book, put together by human beings, was from God.

You always say the bible was based on truth and evidence, can you point some of them out?