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Originally Posted by Neurorad View Post
Believing in (a) God does not require any evidence. It's about feeling good about yourself, and the world. It's about community. You can believe in God without any evidence whatsoever. It doesn't 'require' anything.

In fact, if you were raised within a religious belief, it would take extraordinary evidence to refute the existence of God.

It takes a certain level of 'open mindedness' to even consider the concept of 'no God', if you were raised that way. And, for most, that's impossible, no matter how much you beg, plead, berate, whine, and belittle.

You can't argue with a believer about the existence of God. Period.
I am aware that I can’t change their minds about God.

I have a different agenda.

NOT to have politically-correct respect for delusion.

TO raise a “high moral” question inherent to the religious.

TO point out to undecided that belief without evidence is NOT a virtue.

TO promote scientific way of thinking.

They are loud and persistent. It’s time that our voices are heard.
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