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Below is the first M-DCT driving impression I have seen (quoted from a post). It seems as if DCT is indeed going to live up to the hype:

"Had a chance to drive shortly (45mins) M3 Coupe with M-DKG (press car with M plates). In short-awsome! Best buy all-over... IMHO all sequential manuals a la F1, e-Gear or R-Tronic will be history in less then two years. YES, M-DKG is that good IMO. Blistering fast in gearchanges, smooth enough at the same time, no stupid need for throttle modulation as on sequential manual... Fantastic... For me new M3 only with M-DKG. I am so impressed that I will order one...
One last thing-M3 with M-DKG is faster then R8 with R-Tronic. In fact belive it or not above 200km/h a lot faster."

It then goes on...

"BUT, current SOTA is M3 with M-DKG. Unbelivable how good it is! If PDK will be that good I will think about 997 series again...
M3 with M-DKG has more traction then manual version, accelerates better in all conditions, upshifts are REALLY without any power lost and downshifts are rev matched with nice throttle bips(smaller or bigger depending on selected shift speed, for example best programm for everyday use is S4 in manual mode with full DSC on and suspension in Confort). Even full auto D mode works excellent...
In short-I am floored with it!"

All I can say: Glad mine's already on order!