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E82tt6 "You basically failed to respond to anything in my post, and started talking about Satanic Cult tinfoil hat BS. I'm done here. Have a good one! "

I personally know people who have done occultic crap and have seen the outcomes of it.. Its not tinfoil. Im Miami people practice Santaria, I have seen this used in evil ways to change outcomes, I have a lot of proof behind Satanic worshipping as far as the supernatural effects of it.. This would take a while to explain as it was really upsetting

E90im "Sigh" Sigh at your blindness

Dr325i Its clear you have gotten your information from the Internet, Youtube Videos and from forums.. You need to take the time and do some real research yourself before you open your mouth and sound like such a moron quotiing anti-God propoganda with those outlandish claims.

God doesnt show Himself to people who Dont want want His presence in their lives..hence "Free Will" If you keep the door closed, then sure you can go thru life and never realise the reality behind your meek and therefore pointless existence.. Its when you Open the Door and give God a chance, youll quickly find yourself being lead in ways that will grow that relationship.. God Is good, so stop hating..

ChineseGuy Im assuming your an ABC, therefore your backround would have been on a different side of religion (buddhism?) and even more so being american im sure your family never even brought that into your life.. That being the case youve probably been raised without any belief in God. Sad to say, i can see how you would have no points to make except those from which you learned off the net, or stupid videos which you call your information, like Dr325.

I dont see the point behind all you God haters.. all you do is attack what is truely good.. Its sad.. you all fail to see that God is NOT a Concept, its a Reality.. If you did your homework, youd see there are thousands of events, even today that occur in a supernatural unexplainable way.. Go look up some Miracles, Healings, Historical Events, Predictions etc.. There is a LOT more to life than just hard evidence.. There is a Much Greater force out there than just us and what we think we know.. most of you are just to lazy and find its easier to believe that crap you see and read on the net and argue endlessly about it with actual knowledge of what your talking about..
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