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Originally Posted by rambino View Post
Its not a Story Book.. Its a Historical book. The People are Real, Not made up. If you remove all the religion out of it, you still have historical rulers and figures who were involved in all these historically documented events of this time era..

I agree that not everything may be 100% factual in the Bible as it was written by man, but at the same time Comparing Jesus to Criss Angel is ridiculous. Criss angel has Camera effects and technology and let me say if the guy is really doing some of these things, well then guess what... it wouldnt suprise me if he had his power thru a dark or occultic force or if the man sold his soul to the devil.. Even Led Zepplin Aknowledges theyre involved in Satanic Rituals and Rites, they even talk about it thru there backward masking and there Runes they display.. Not to mention all there music hit top charts and yet if you Reallly look at them, they seem like people with empty sold souls.. ..

People are blind to the fact they only believe in the hard physical form of evidence and life.. This is not the case.. There are Thousands of documented Supernatural events and Miracles that have taken place over time, many like the One Jesus did in the Bible (He is God you know)....

Like i said, go watch some videos of possesed people, vodoo rituals, and people heavily involved in satanism.. One of the greatest tricks the devil ever managed was to convince people he didnt exist..

Our lives are Short, time goes fast, we are but nothing but little nano specs in this extremely great universe.. To think our little brains can comprehend and control everything is a joke.. Something cannot come from Nothing.. therefore there has always been and will always be something (God) People really forget that God is Good.. Its Positive thing, its an Invitation to true happiness, true light, Its being invited to be the best friend of existence.. How can so many people hate and deny something that is good..

I understand that religion is very mixed up in this day and age, wars, evils, corruption etc turn a lot of people away from belief, but if you go back to the origins and core of what a real relationship and life in God is, you will see only pure goodness and prosperity from this.. Family life stays together, immorality and violence diminishes, the soul is happy, life has meaning and purpose. Unfortunatley as humans we have tainted this. That is not to say that we cant still find that peace and wholesomeness thru a relationship with God.. It just means we have to do some real searching thru all the worldy mess weve made of it..

I myself am Catholic, yes many people feel this is a restrictive relgion, but its really not if you understand it.. The things the church teaches is meant to guard from falling into vices and corruptive ways of the world. For instance Sex before marriage isnt meant to say dont have sex, its meant to say.. use it in a manner which A. Brings about children, B. Creates a lasting Bond with the person you marry, C. Avoids immorality, infeldelity, cheating etc which leads to the breakup of family and divorces etc..... You see its rule is meant to keep people healthy and used in a proper manner and thru a relationship with God you have an even stronger bond and grow together rather than apart, free from the crap that the world sells and teachs which may be fun now, but in the end leaves you as a empty... Thats just one example.. Granted no one is perfect, i myslef am quite guilty of failing to comply to these things as well.. Thats what God forgiveness is for.. I do know however, that If i try to keep to my core values and base my life on these fundamentals I will ultimatley prosper in my life no matter how the outside world goes.. I already have.

I dare you to give God a chance, invite him in, ask for him to open up doors for you.. and you will see it will come about by itself.. it doesnt take you making a huge change or going on some pilgramige. Its just a matter of opening the door for the chance.. I party, I have girlfriends, I deo everything you do, I just try to base my decisions andīkeep a relationship with God as a guideline to where I draw the line on things like Drugs, Cheating, Stealing, Immorality, etc... Ultimatley im a truely happy person with meaning on the inside.. Its not that hard.. God is Good.. you wont get burned.. (no pun intended)
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