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Originally Posted by FifthStreetz View Post
Theoretically, can it be possible that my car is not on the Elektra and still waiting for a ship? Even though Skierman's VIN is 40466, mine is 40467 and Pasta's is 40474.
I'd say that's very plausible. VINs are probably assigned in sequential order as the orders are received. However, due to differences in configuration and other factors the cars won't necessarily complete in the same order. If you think about it, it makes sense, since its highly unlikely that the factory can run at maximum efficiency by simply producing orders as they come in. Things get grouped based on commonality I'm sure, and also parts availability plays a roll as well.

Im sure we all completed at the same time and left together...I called my dealer today but my SA was not in...this is driving me crazy.
Probably all completed within a day of each other. But that still leaves a chance for them to be on different ships.
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