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Originally Posted by shimshimhada
LOL, I don't think an E46 M3 Euro-spec is THAT much more powerful than its US brother. And the only Ferrari it'll beat is a Dino.
Shim, maybe the US and EU spec are the same(think so)
About the Dino, LOL again. If you don't know what you are talking about, let's make jokes alright?

No, a well driven M3 beats a F355 and a 360 needs to watch out too(the torque of the 360 too is rather in high revving, the E46 M3 has a throttle response Porsche and the smaller Ferraris can only dream about) Not easy to explain so no worries. I know most of you live in the USA so maybe it's about going fast on a straight road
And that's not what I had in mind