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Originally Posted by rvacha View Post
The R22 wheel is not shown on the web site but every wheel there is described as cast alumium, one piece. They don't look like one piece wheels. All weigh in around 27 pounds, about what you'd expect for cast.

Are you sure the R22 is forged and not cast?
I think your talking about the S22 version they make. The R22 is a custom 3 piece wheel

Originally Posted by mantis View Post
chrome/high polish FTL. go back to 1995
read above....

Originally Posted by rvacha View Post
Not sure how a drop makes the wheel look better
The reason why I'm asking is because my current E46 M3 looked like it was a 4x4 after I put my HRE's on. After the drop, it looked AMAZING. I don't think I wanna drop it this time around since I'm going with EDC. Opinions anyone?