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Originally Posted by e90im View Post
^ Are you suggesting that Clinton is responsible for all these deaths?
If not, what's your point?
What do you make of it? I was just reading through a forum on and somebody had copied this into the comments (along with some of their own). It looked a bit interesting, so I found the source and copied it here along with the link. Certainly some of these (if not all) have some story behind them. One that immediately comes to mind is Vince Foster.

Also, watch the 12 youtube videos at the very beginning of this thread. There are a lot of names and a little more detail than this list. I started to make some notes, but I don't plan on doing more this evening.

Fired every U.S. Attorney in the U.S. Dismissed FBI Director.
Bill Clinton protested by sleeping in a tree. He was a moocher. John Copold dies under circusstances that were unclear. Frank Aller "suicide" in 1971.

Hillary Rodham founded "Yale Review of Law and Social Action".
Charlene Wilson testified she watched Roger Clinton pass cocaine to Bill in 1990. Sex parties with teenage girls.
In 1983 and 1984 narcotics officer videotaped Roger Clinton saying "Got to get some for my brother. He's got a nose like a vacumn cleaner."
Gene Wurgis exposed ballot box stuffing.

Bill Garon accused Clinton of being a draft dodger because of renegging on his ROTC commitment. Col. Eugene Holmes presented letter to the press.
Extramarital affairs with 100s of women.
Lookup L.D. Brown (state trooper). Larry Patterson bodyguard for six years witnessed department store clerk do BJ on Cliton. Gathered women's phone numbers for Clinton. He was a pimp for Clinton.

Clinton said, "Larry, you may be required to lie, to steal, to kill to cover me."

Attempts to silence Roger Perry, Danny Ferguson, Ronnie Anderson.

Whitewater with Jim and Susan McDougal. People who invested in Whitewater when defaulted more than 30 days, they lost all their equity in the land. Clyde Soats (?). He paid $12,000 out of $14,000 price and lost all his equity.

Cattle Futures trading by Hillary. From $1000 gained over $5000 in a days. By July 1979 had over $100,000. That 10,000% return was more than five times the rate of profit of other investors who bought when she did and sold at the peak of the market. Economists ran statistical models. Probability of HRC having made trades her legimately were less than 1 in 250,000,000.

Beverly Enterprises with the Rose Law Firm made millions on tax exempt state bonds. Attorney General Steve Clark was offered $100,000 in campaign money as a bribe to drop opposition to their attempt to purchase 32 norsing homes.

Dan Lasater was awarded $30,000,000 bond. He was charged with cocaine trafficking He conspired with Roger Clinton. Bill Clinton pardoned him.
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