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Originally Posted by rawedge2 View Post
because the power dome is definetly in harms way and a normal clear bra does not usually reach more than 18-24" up the hood is it possible to have the entire hood covered with a single sheet.. or the shape makes that not possible?? i have seen full hoods done and i think i would rather go that route to not have the line across the hood... any feedback????
Venture Shield comes in sheets big enough to do an entire hood. VS has less orange peel but can not be buffed like 3M can. Of course 3M does not make sheets big enough for the entire hood.

I would find a very good installer (prep. and application are everything) and have VS installed on the hood with 3M on the rest of the car. A good shop can buff out dings left in the 3M. If there is enough damage to the VS you would just replace it, but both are pretty durable anyway.