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Originally Posted by rmmcdaniel View Post
I test drove the demo at my dealer today (unreal!!!) and put my order into the system. It's for a sedan with DCT so it will be a June build. Does anyone have a good idea when the order will go to status 111 and have a production number assigned if it's a June build?

I have searched the forums but haven't been able to find info on the actual timeline for when a production number is assigned relative to the month the allocation is for.

Thanks in advance!
You will get a production number when your car goes to 111 status. It is up to the factory as to when that may actually happen. Factors that we nor the dealer are aware of dictate when your car will move to 111. As long as there are no shortages of parts, it could happen a few weeks before your scheduled date. 111 means that your order has been accepted. 112 means that is is scheduled for production, but is still changeable. Once you go to 150, your order can no longer be changed. Basically, 150 means that they are pulling parts for your order for an imminent build; usually within 7-10 days. You will get a VIN at 150.

This is how I understand it, maybe someone can shed further light. I hope that this helps.

I am curious why you would build a car that late. You will likely get it around August, right? MY2009s should be around the corner.