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Originally Posted by mdrobc13 View Post
-Bear Sterns almost failing....

-$10 Billion /mo or so just to pay for Iraq.....(right or wrong)

And you wonder why the cars are sitting or you're moving up the waitlists quicker than expected? Alot of folks are choosing to keep that $70k close to home rather than drop it into a luxury item and want such as an M3 no matter how wealthy they may or may not now be.

I am just thankful that my particular situation will still allow me to get the car but believe me I did think twice since my order with all the above going on!
wrong on that dollar amount i think...still good points. crevier bmw in my hometown has 6 M3s on the lot right now. 2 on the floor (MR, AW) and 4 in the parking garage (JzB, JB, AW, SparkG). none of them are accounted for...that's sad. oh, btw, they are asking 15k over. maybe that's why. what a joke!